About the fees we charge

We offer a range of services, and private fees vary depending on the type of the test and its complexity. Each type of test has its fixed fee structure which takes into consideration the radiologists fees and hospital charges.

We deal with every inquiry professionally to establish the exact test that you may require. Depending on information provided by you and/or your doctor, we will be able to quote you fairly exact fees.

In certain cases the procedure will depend on what is found in the initial part of the test (for example - depending on the findings of your ultrasound scan you may or may not be offered an injection) in such cases we will quote you prices for both eventualities.

Medical Insurance or Self Pay

If you have medical insurance, the fees are covered by your insurance company either in part or in full, depending on the type and level of your cover and pre-authorisation by the company. In cases when part of the fees are covered by the insurance you may be liable for the remaining fee (shortfall). If applicable, this will be discussed with you prior to your appointment.

We adhere to strict professional conduct. There are no last minute tests or additional charges.

All quoted fees are fixed and include all costs.

For inquiry please contact us on the website, or call us on 01392 262119.